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Lionel J. Postic P.C and AMC Licensing are located near the beautiful historic Downtown Woodstock right off of 575 freeway. Our team is ready to welcome you at our office or in Downtown Woodstock at the many local eateries and coffee shop. 

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Monthly Blog - January 2019

I Have a Great Idea for a Business—Now What?

You have a great idea for a new business and a passion for some service or good, but no idea what do next. Where do you start? And, can’t you just hire someone to take care of all of that administrative “stuff” so you can concentrate on that passion?

The answer to the second question is: yes, you can absolutely hire someone to take care of the administrative stuff; however, that convenience comes with a cost. You can hire attorneys, ​accountants, administrative staff, and other professionals to undertake the tasks of starting the business, but that can get expensive very quickly. So, unless you have a wealth of funds to go with your overabundance of passion, here are the basics of starting a business:

1. Decide on a corporate structure. In most cases, a limited liability company will be sufficient. And, in Georgia, you can file it yourself online at the Georgia Secretary of State website.

2. Obtain an Employer Identification Number. If any of the owners will ever want to draw W-2 income, I suggest you elect to be taxed as a Subchapter S election.

3. Set up your accounts with an accounting software. One good, easy accounting system is Quickbooks online, which allows your bookkeeper or accountant to easily​ get access to the information.

4. Find some professionals to help you, especially an accountant and an attorney.

5. Find a good insurance agent and obtain commercial general liability insurance and whatever insurance may be unique to your business.

6. Set up a business bank account. Do not try to run the business out of your personal checking account.

7. Use as much social media and free networking events to tell everyone about your business. Local networking events are held in almost every community. Although it might take some time to find out, the effort will be worth it.

8. Be prepared to work harder than you have probably worked in your life, but, once you are successful, it will be worth it because it’s your business.

Have some general questions about your business? Contact Lionel at [email protected] or 678-267-1200. If you are in Woodstock, meet Lionel at the YPOW meeting every Thursday morning at the Copper Coin in Downtown Woodstock.


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